What Sin-Bin is all about

Sin-Bin was established one evening in the pub after a Guinness Premiership game and this is how we want the magazine to be read. We love rugby and we want to provide you with an alternative option in the rugby media stratosphere.

The purpose of Sin-Bin is to offer an informative and insightful outlook on the game whilst hopefully inducing some banter. We also want to promote some up and coming talent, whether it be on the field, off the field or on the page, and allow them space in the spotlight that may not normally be theirs.

Every two months not only will we bring you some of the biggest names and events in the game, but we will also have some features that will run from issue to issue. We will be focussing on life in the lower leagues, with players from a Championship and National One team contributing articles on their experience and life as players in their divisions. We will also have an array of panellists focussing on the issues facing the game, whether they are the national team, a new trend of play or a horrendous new kit.

Another key aim of Sin-Bin will be to champion and draw attention to the outstanding work that two charities do. ‘Help for Heroes’ have a deep connection with rugby and we hope that you will also have a look at their website:

The second charity is the Samoan Tsunami appeal. The disaster has affected many names within the game and it is important for the rugby community to rally round and support the cause - please also have a look at their website:

If, in the mean time, you want to provide us with any feedback or if you have any questions or ideas, then please get in contact through the e-mail address beneath.
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Acknowledgments have to go to the following individuals, without whom Sin-Bin would not have happened:

Anthony Bate, Olly Hayes, Josh Hill, Ollie Mansbridge, Ben Mercer, Ian McGeechan, Charlie Perry, Chris Roberts and the Hamilton family,

Tom Hamilton


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